Surf, Paddle and Foil Board Combos


We are here to help you create the ultimate combo package. The promo codes listed below work online, and we will also match these deals in-store or over the phone or by email. Make sure you mention you are here for a combo when in-store.

If you need advice on preparing the ultimate package deal, you could do your research and shop online or contact Nick or Tom instore by phoning 09 4279552 ext 2 or email

We are happy to talk about your needs skills and wave wise and can help make positive changes to our current set-up.


We review all online orders and ensure that what you order is suitable for the board you have ordered. If you have misordered a bag or leash size, we will call and check out that’s what you want.

CODES TO PROCESS DISCOUNT ONLINE: Depending on the total you are spending you get, you can choose a combo code that is relevant. Type the combo promo code as shown in RED below into the combo box.

  • Spend $750 get 10% off all accessories and wetsuits combo10
  • Spend $1500 get 15% off all accessories and wetsuits combo15
  • Spend $2500 get 20% off all accessories and wetsuits combo20

*Combo will apply to accessories on the surf website like bags, grip, leash, fins and wetsuits. The discount will not work with other discounted items or the board purchased.


We strongly advise contacting Nick 0212891660 for a wing foil package to ensure you get the right setup for your level. Nick instructs foiling and runs wing lessons and his experience is invaluable to those starting out. Do it once and do it right.

We will offer:

Buy a board = 1x Free Private Jetski assisted lesson at Orewa Beach. Value $250

Buy a foil kit = Buy a board = 1x Free Private Jetski assisted lesson at Orewa Beach. Value $250

Buy a wind wing = 1x Free Private sand skateboard wind wing lesson or sup + wing lesson at Orewa Beach. Value $100

Buy a wing foil combo = Free shipping to NZ and Australia (Cond apply) if away from the store.

Buy an Armstrong wing foil combo, and get 10% off A Wing + Free Pump + Free Control Bar + 10% off second foil wing + Free $100 create towards accessories like foot straps, ultimate leash etc.

Also, buy a wing foil package from us and you will be eligible for the FREE use of our demo rental quiver with over $40,000 worth of gear in it.

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